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Family Law

Family Law

Sherman Law group has experience with delicate Family Law matters, including divorce and domestic partnership. We handle all types of domestic relations matters in California, and we can fully meet the needs of our many clients who have residences and assets in other states or countries, including pro hac vice admission to other state courts on specific matters.

The vast majority of the family law concerns we handle are settled without a trial through lawyer-guided negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. We rely on strong relationships with expert witnesses in such fields as business valuation, tax and accounting, and estate planning to encourage the efficient resolution of each case.

A hallmark of our practice is complete assurance of privacy and confidentiality. Sherman Law Group clients come to us through the personal referrals of professionals, friends, associates and family members we have helped. We never discuss cases in the media, and we make sure our clients’ personal affairs are carefully and effectively guarded.

Sherman Law Group has extensive experience in prosecuting and defending these and many other types of disputes involving family law.

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